Tuesday 5 April 2016

Richard Fahey - Quiet Start But Wait A Minute...

One of my friends asked me about Richard Fahey's two-year-olds because even though it is very early days he has been a touch quiet this Falt turf season. However, there is one thing you can guarantee with Muse House Stables they are a powerhouse. There is something quite remarkable about Fahey as a trainer of two-year-olds which a number of people may have noticed but, perhaps, didn't really appreciate. It is a factor which you should take note of with his debutantes because it clearly details why so many go well when making their racecourse bow.  The point to remember is that his fancied juveniles feature almost the same win and place rate as his two-year-olds on their second start. 

You may say: ''So what!'' 

It's a very big ''so what''. Why? Because it is almost unheard of when training juveniles, especially with the number of horses in his string. In general, there is a substantial difference between the strike rate of trainers with their first and second time out horses. It is much easier for a horse to win on its second start than its first. 

Peter Chapple-Hyam is one of the other trainers who follow a similar approach.

So what does this tell us about these horse on debut? It says they are fit and primed to run very big races. 

Take note of his horses when making their racecourse bows.