Tuesday 25 June 2024

Ladies Day Competitions in the UK: Top Racecourses Offering the Biggest Prizes

Ladies Day has become a celebrated tradition in UK horse racing, blending high fashion, social excitement, and thrilling races. Known for its stylish outfits, extravagant hats, and lively atmosphere, Ladies Day attracts not only racing enthusiasts but also those keen on a glamorous day out. Various racecourses across the UK host Ladies Day events, each offering substantial prizes for the best-dressed attendees. Here, we explore the significance of Ladies Day and highlight five prominent racecourses known for their prestigious competitions and impressive prizes.

The Essence of Ladies Day

Ladies Day combines the elegance of a fashion parade with the excitement of horse racing. It offers participants the chance to showcase their sartorial choices while competing for generous prizes, often including luxury goods, holiday packages, and cash rewards. The competition is fierce, and judges look for creativity, style, and originality. This blend of fashion and racing creates a unique spectacle that has become a key part of the British social calendar.

Top 5 Racecourses for Ladies Day Competitions

1. Royal Ascot

Royal Ascot is the epitome of elegance and tradition, making it the most prestigious venue for Ladies Day. Held on the third day of the Royal Meeting, Ladies Day at Ascot is synonymous with high fashion and attracts royalty and celebrities. The coveted Style Award at Royal Ascot offers substantial prizes, including luxury shopping vouchers, designer goods, and exclusive experiences. I was so excited by the occasion I rushed to play privecity casino just before the winner was announced. The stringent dress code and high stakes make it the pinnacle of Ladies Day competitions.


  • Location: Ascot, Berkshire
  • Prizes: Luxury shopping vouchers, designer accessories, exclusive experiences
  • Dress Code: Strict (Formal attire, hats for women)

2. Aintree Racecourse

Aintree's Ladies Day is a highlight of the Grand National Festival, combining thrilling races with dazzling fashion. The Style Award at Aintree is renowned for its grand prizes, including luxury cars, high-end fashion items, and substantial cash prizes. The competition draws thousands of participants, all vying for a share of the spotlight and the opportunity to win big.


  • Location: Aintree, Liverpool
  • Prizes: Luxury cars, designer outfits, cash prizes
  • Dress Code: Glamorous and stylish

3. York Racecourse

York Racecourse offers a vibrant Ladies Day during the Ebor Festival, blending fashion, entertainment, and top-class racing. The Ebor Fashion Lawn competition is a standout event, awarding prizes such as designer shopping sprees, exclusive holidays, and bespoke jewelry. York’s friendly and inclusive atmosphere makes it a popular choice for fashion enthusiasts and racing fans alike.


  • Location: York, North Yorkshire
  • Prizes: Designer shopping sprees, exclusive holidays, bespoke jewelry
  • Dress Code: Elegant with a creative twist

4. Goodwood Racecourse

Glorious Goodwood hosts a glamorous Ladies Day during the Qatar Goodwood Festival, known for its picturesque setting and relaxed yet sophisticated vibe. The Best Dressed competition at Goodwood offers attractive prizes, including luxury travel experiences, high-end fashion vouchers, and fine dining packages. The beautiful Sussex Downs backdrop adds to the allure of the event.


  • Location: Chichester, West Sussex
  • Prizes: Luxury travel experiences, fashion vouchers, dining packages
  • Dress Code: Smart casual to formal, hats encouraged

5. Cheltenham Racecourse

Cheltenham’s Ladies Day, part of the Cheltenham Festival, stands out for its blend of country charm and high fashion. The Best Dressed Lady competition at Cheltenham offers enticing prizes, including luxury goods, hospitality packages, and exclusive event invitations. Cheltenham’s welcoming atmosphere and the festival’s thrilling racing action make it a unique experience.


  • Location: Cheltenham, Gloucestershire
  • Prizes: Luxury goods, hospitality packages, exclusive invitations
  • Dress Code: Country chic with a fashionable edge


Ladies Day competitions at UK racecourses offer a dazzling fusion of fashion and horse racing, drawing participants eager to win significant prizes and make a stylish impression. Venues like Royal Ascot, Aintree, York, Goodwood, and Cheltenham host some of the most anticipated Ladies Day events, each providing unique experiences and rewarding the best-dressed attendees with luxurious prizes.

These racecourses not only celebrate the elegance and creativity of their participants but also contribute to the vibrant cultural fabric of British horse racing. Whether you're a fashion aficionado or a racing enthusiast, Ladies Day at these iconic venues promises an unforgettable blend of spectacle and sophistication.