Thursday, 23 September 2021

Gambling: The Concept of Time...

As the John Rowles song goes: ''If I only had time, only time...''

Betting, keeping up with the two-year-old horse racing, let alone anything else, takes time. At times, far too much time. It's the way it is. From my perspective, there's an overflow of racing. I won't say poor racing because I kind of like betting good juveniles when making their second or third start against inferior opposition.

It's like a conveyor belt from the Generation Game. Instead of winning prizes, you store horses in your hippocampus (that's not a place hippos camp) and wait for that synaptic nerve to fire up like an inch of pure magnesium. Which, somehow, with years of experience and knowledge leads to a bloody good winner. 

If I was a conspiracy theorist, I would say there is too much racing because someone somewhere knows it stretches the stamina of even the most big-lunged beast with a brain the size of diploblokeus. ''There's too much racing'' is often the voice of those who actually have some understanding of what they are doing rather than the greyhound mentality which cannot see enough races. 

I once chatted to someone who said they preferred greyhound racing to horse racing because there wasn't so long to wait for the next race. I didn't say anything but I was horrified by the statement. To me, it was like saying they preferred painting by numbers compared with a true artist who loved (or was tormented) by each and every stroke. 

Each to their own. (I know who I would rather be).

It is difficult when you have three or four two-year-old races with a five or ten-minute gap and then a meeting is running late. However, efficient, professional and hardworking, no one can really look at two things at once. 

When You Run Out Of Luck

What is luck? 


Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.

Synonyms:  good fortune, good luck, success, successfulness, prosperity, advantage, advantageousness, felicity (I thought that was a woman's name!!!!) [Luck, B****]

Here's a few more if you're feeling inspired by the word: a stroke of luck; informal fluke, a lucky break "with luck you'll be in Marseilles tomorrow night"

We've all heard the quote: ''The harder I work the luckier I get.'' To be fair, that's being clever rather than lucky. It's like having a joke at someone who just relies on luck. 

Luck. It rhymes with another word beginning with the letter F. That's what most punters say when they rely on luck because it is akin to putting your faith in the Witched Witch of the West if you're hoping to swap those ruby slipper. She's more likely to smoke your broomstick than fill your pockets with cash or four-leaf clover. 

I know most people say to win at gambling it is all about skill. Yes, I know most people have not one ounce of skill [take my word for it] and rely 100% on luck. In that sense, they do get lucky on occasions. Have you found that alongside luck putting pound signs in front of your eyes it also has the affect of amnesia, because those lucky bleeders sure do forget their losers?  

Good luck to you. 

Anyway, luck does play a part in every aspect of life and gambling. 

I would rather be lucky with a bet to win £10,000 than one to win a fiver. And it can certainly happen both ways. 

Lady Luck. Who is she? I wrote a post musing over this subject: When Lady Luck Catches Your Eye.

Just imagine if you could buy a bottle of luck. It would be like Henry Cooper with a dab of Brut behind each ear. Even Henry could have done with a touch of luck when fighting Cassius Clay [Muhammad Ali] in London, 1963. The Enry's Ammer making the man himself (Clay) see stars. Unfortunate timing at the end of the round and Angelo Dundee stating years later than he made a tear in the glove, gaining four or five seconds of luck while he changed the pair. Cooper, always a gentleman said it didn't make any difference to the fight. I don't think we would have been calling it luck in this day and age, more like a scandal and unsporting behaviour. As they say, all is fair in love and war.  

Gamblers don't rely on luck to win long term but lady luck or the luck of the devil does come into play short term. 

Sometimes, we all need a touch of luck. 

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Thursday, 9 September 2021

How to win at gambling by knowing your niche

Gambling. It is a subject that probably puzzles as much as it fascinates. 

Let's face it, most people enjoy a bet. I guess most wagers could be termed ''fun bets''. This would be described as a throwaway bet or betting with your emotions. For the buzz. Backing your favourite football team in a local derby, place a pony each-way on a horse you have a part share, perhaps you feel it in your bones. 

Each to their own. It's your money, so do as you please. It's good up to a point, hey. 

But what if you really want to make money gambling? Going from a gambler into an investor - akin to someone who makes a living as a stockbroker. 

It's a cliche but life is a gamble. Your insurance company is betting that you don't drop dead today. They have good reason to be confident. They are experts in their field. They make a living from selling you a piece of security which you are unlikely to need. When you need it you will find the expert isn't so welcoming anymore. 

The problem with betting from an emotional point of view is that you are likely to struggle with objectivity. Emotions fall short on logic. Have you ever got in a mood and then sat down afterward to realise what you said lacked any reason? It was fuelled by passion, anger, envy...   

Even the most disciplined of gamblers cannot escape emotions in some form or another and objectivity, even if based on scientific methodology, is a difficult subject to get to grips. It's a slippery eel. 

I didn't even want to chat about the subject of objectivity/emotions but all aspects of gambling are, in truth, intertwined with a myriad of variants. It can be a very difficult topic to even touch the surface. 

Let's talk about a niche. A niche is about the specific rather than the domain. 

If I said I want you to read a book because at the given date I will set you a test you'd probably be confident. You'd have an understanding of the subject. 

What if I threw in a couple more tomes: Mills & Boon, War & Peace & The Dummies Guide to Sheep Shearing? 

The chances are you would fail miserably because there's only so many hours in the day to revise, learn... Pass that test!

Jack of all trades - master of none. It's true. To understand more you need to focus on less because even considering the smallest aspect of your sporting niche will become a truly time-consuming endeavour. I know from studying two-year-old horse racing that there is never enough time to do everything. I often refer to it as being stuck on a conveyor belt. Why? Because racing dictates your workload. If you fall behind how will you ever catch up? If you fall behind you may as well give up. If you are lacking you cannot bet with confidence. You need confidence.

To be fair there are many different ways to bet, tip, win, lose, draw.... If you have a super-quick answer to those questions you are lucky. Because the majority of winners prevail for one very good reason - they work harder. If they don't work harder now, they did to gain their knowledge/skills/expertise. This foundation of expertise may start by pure luck or chance. However, it will end with skill and so many aspects that you never even realised were part of the professional gambler's life. 

''You don't, long term, get lucky and win'' 

You win because you know more. You have a greater understanding. Basically, you have learned how to become an expert. 

Even then, it is far from easy to make money betting. 

If you want to make money betting [investing] then it is important to enjoy your work, take your time to understand the subject matter which is likely to be formulated by trial and error. Find angles which you feel give some reward. Try to find something which is unlikely to be replicated by others. If it's ridiculously simple it is very unlikely to work. If you can find this information then others will do the same and probably better. Don't forget that your niche may need only be a slight variation to be successful. That may be enough to tip the balance in your favour. 

It's like the origin of species and natural selection.  No species have the same set or skills, habitats etc. They are the top [of their niche] because they have evolved to be best. You need to have a knowledge which means you have the skills to survive in the betting world. It isn't about being the best just that little better than most 

Good luck.  

Monday, 16 August 2021

Meeting Jerry Banks

Many readers of our horse racing blog will have heard the name Jerry Banks. 

It's funny working online. I bump into people here, there and everywhere. Some from down the road (Eric Winner), others from across the globe, while one man Jerry Banks lives at Lowestoft on the Norfolk coast. Being a regular at Great Yarmouth, I have been just a stone's throw away from this seaside town. I think I have been to Lowestoft once, a good few years ago, with a lady I used to know. I think it was a day out, travelling from Great Yarmouth. 

Anyway, I must have been chatting online with Jerry for many years. A long time. He runs Jerry's Best Bets, a horse racing tips website. Jerry knows his horses and bets as a professional gambler. 

I have been to Great Yarmouth races for many years and had one or two opportunities to meet Jerry at the racecourse but sadly it hasn't happened with plans changing at the last minute or simply missing him in the crowd. 

I am going to Great Yarmouth horse racing on the 28th June and I heard from Jerry that he is too. 

So, finally, I am going to meet him at the course, at a time and place. I imagine it will be near the winning post at 3:15 or something like that. 

Looking forward to meeting him and having a drink.  

Tuesday, 27 July 2021

Glorious-Goodwood Horse Racing

Are you ready to witness one of the biggest horseracing events this month? If yes, get ready for the Glorious Goodwood horse racing. The festival’s lineup includes 13 fantastic races. The highly competitive races usually take place in August, but this year, the event will commence on July 27, lasting five days. 

The event’s atmosphere and racecourse are amazing. Every year, about 100,000 audience members witness the event and enjoy the social and sporting highlights of the summer. The glamour of this event is the formality of Royal Ascot. This year, fashionistas will gather around Qatar to experience the sensational style and entertainment in a unique atmosphere.

What to Expect at Glorious-Goodwood 

Besides dining and hospitality, you can experience athletic action, wherein participants gather around from all over the world. Let’s go through the races for a glimpse of the events you will experience: 

1. The Sussex Stakes 

This one-meter horse race is one of the major events throughout the festival. This race is the first opportunity for horses from the Classic generation. This generation includes three-year-old horses that are ready to face older horses. In the upcoming Sussex Stakes race, you will witness a clash between the stars. Palace Pier will run against St Mark’s Basilica and Poetic Flare. 

2. The Goodwood Cup 

After the Ascot Gold Cup, the Goodwood Cup is the centerpiece of the festival. Since 2017, this two-meter race falls under the category of Group 1 races. This featured race has a wide history of quality wins. You can check the previous year’s results. The Goodwood Cup is the fourth race of the first day of the Glorious-Goodwood Horse Racing. Subjectivist is the favorite and will compete against Stradivarius, a four-time winner, which will be a historic moment.

3. The Nassau Stakes 

This group 1 race is similar to the Sussex Stakes, where new participants will compete against the older horses. In this race, the top middle-distance fillies get a chance to show their competence. All eyes will be on the rematch between Love, the winner of the Prince of Whale’s Stake, and Audarya, the runner-up. Other leading participants, such as Wonderful and Snowfall, will be the prime focus of the audience as well. The total distance of the racecourse will be 1 meter and 2 furlongs.

4. The Stewards’ Cup 

Punters and trainers love participating in the Stewards’ Cup. This flat race is eligible for horses three years and older. This small race takes place over six furlongs. If you want to bet on this race, you should consider the jockey’s experience. Because it has a small course, you will witness a lot of new tricks. This race is ideal for young horses to shine bright. In the last three out of six matches, favorites ruled the day. So, if you are about to bet, you can consider the list of favorites. 

What are the Betting Offers for Glorious Goodwood? 

The Qatar Goodwood Horse Racing is the official title of the festival. It’s the second top-rated horse racing meeting after Royal Ascot. Grand National is another steeple horse race that offers a fun and entertaining experience. The bookmakers promote plenty of options for betting, such as free bets and risk-free bets for Glorious Goodwood. So, if you have plans to visit and bet on any match at Glorious Goodwood, you should go through the ante-post betting odds.

Wednesday, 21 July 2021

A Simple Technique to Win at the Casino

Let's face it, since Coronavirus reared its ugly head, life has changed. For starters those who like to visit their brick-and-mortar casino don't know whether they are coming or going. I don't know about you, but I really need to fly to some exotic destination, lay on the beach, and rest. Just forget about the madness. In fact, I'm so bored, my clock has 25 hours, and an extra hand with two fingers sticking up. 
I'm going to watch that classic Martin Scorsese film Casino (1995), starring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci et al. Should put me in a better frame of mind.

With lockdown trapping punters at home - you can't even get out of the house. Fire up your trusty laptop as it's a portal to a world of opportunities. Whether you have a laptop, tablet, phone or whatever you have to transverse the net. To get away from the boredom of solitary confinement make your day a little more tolerable with a little bit of a gamble. Nothing better than a Simple Casino game to pass the time.

I'm sure many of you will be thinking that's not the best idea, well you may need to think again.     

But here's a question: How do you win at the casino?

Each and every game under the casino banner has fixed odds. If you don't know what this means. It means the house edge prices each and every game slightly less than its true odds. The casino needs to make money else it won't be there. 

That doesn't mean you cannot win when gambling at the casino. 

For example, the best kept secret to winning at roulette is to play for an hour and then stop.

You may wonder what is so important about time. However, there is a very good reason. The longer you play the more money you will lose. 

The only way you will win is by getting lucky and when you are a few quid up you should put the money in your pocket and play Kenny Roger's classic song The Gambler. 

In fact, the last 10 times I've played roulette I've actually won money with this approach. Fair enough, the last time saw a loss of £30 but I'm up a couple of hundred. 

As they say, you should bet what you can afford to lose. Or bet big if you want to win more dosh. 

I must admit, I'm a hardcore roulette player. I simply stick to what are called ''hot numbers'' and stick with them like glue. There's no logic to it but it seems to find winning numbers. Also, I always bets on the same single number until hell freezes over or I lose my little bit of cash. I never, ever, bet more than £50 a time. Basically, if you are going to be lucky, make sure it is a single number at 35/1. Much better than even money black or red. Well, unless, you are betting big and hope beyond hope you win. Walk away. You've seen these people on YouTube who bet every last pound of their savings on black or red. And either cheer like a winner or disappear into the sunset to a life of not-as-good fortune. 

Bet what you can afford to lose.   

I'm not keen on three-card poker. 

Scared of playing blackjack. 

Don't ask me why. 

Some people have a phobia of spiders...

Anyway, if you want to pass the time, have a bit of fun, relaxation, and little bit of a gamble. 

It might be your lucky day.

Photo: Pixabay free no attribution

Monday, 21 June 2021

Alex Bird Vs Phil Bull - Professional Gambler Golden Rules

Golden Betting Rules - Alex Bird: 

1. Change in the going - no bet. From fast ground to soft turns the form book upside down. 

2. Take note of the over-round - the percentage bookmakers take out of the race. With the exchanges, this factor has been helped but on big race days - such as the Grand National - it can still making betting a bad deal. 

3. Bird loved a good each-way bet. He finds an 8 - 10 horse maiden and takes advantage, especially if the favourite was odds-on by betting on the second or third fav. He combines the second and third favourites in each-way combination bets. 

4. He'd note good apprentices. A good apprentice with a 7lb claim can be worth a few lengths. 

5. Don't be first show - the majority of runners drift in the betting from the first show. Taking second show prices will increase your winnings by 10% over a season. 

6. Bird didn't like handicaps. 

7. Also, never bet in three-year-old maidens, particularly those only for fillies.

In association with 

Golden Betting Rules - Phil Bull 

1. Temperament is vital - winning and losing. Treat them the same! Long term counts. 

2. Study the form the same for each race. Don't search for bets - a no bet is a no bet.

3. It's an old maxim  - never bet more than you can afford to lose. Don't attempt to make your fortune in a day.

4. Bet when the odds value. If you think a horse should be 7/1 if its 2/1 don't back it, but if its 10/1 bet. If correct long term, you will make a profit.

5. Don't follow tipsters - work hard to find your own angle (it's not simple). 

6. Never bet a horse ante-post unless you now it will definitely run.

7. Don't bet each-way in either race with big fields or handicaps. One-fifth of the odds is not good value.

Photo: Pixabay free no attribution 

Wednesday, 9 June 2021

He won £10,000 at the casino. Why stop betting?

It's interesting to watch others gamble. To appreciate their understanding, philosophy & methodology.

Perhaps most gamblers don't even consider this point. For many, gambling is just something you do: pastime, hobby, fun, buzz... It can be any number of things. Some psychologists may even say that really people gamble because they want to lose. 

''Although, I guess some people consciously think ''who gives a f***'' 

We've all seen people betting like that. Bizarre.

Each to their own. Only a fool limits others. I could watch some random bloke in the bookmakers, bet in hand, and think ''what does he know?'' 

But what does he know? 

The truth of the matter is unless you know really know someone they may be the best or worst gambler in the world. Although it is part of the human condition to make inferences, it doesn't pay to think you know others. 

It pays for each individual to question, reflect and learn from what they do in all aspects of life including gambling. With self-reflection, we have an opportunity to learn. I would rather learn from my mistakes, even more, others. Why? 

Because they are usually less costly for us, personally, and help keep us on the right path which may lead to success. 

I went to Grosvenor casino at Great Yarmouth on Friday night. I went with my two brothers. It is a social evening rather than going to take them to the cleaners. For anyone who knows anything about gambling at fixed odds, it would be a stupid exclamation. Do you think you can beat fixed odds? The casino rake will slowly, slowly, slowly...take its profit (your loss). 

The only way you can win betting at the casino or any fixed odds is to get lucky, stick your winnings in your pocket, and go home. If you go to the casino once a month with that approach you may even win money. If you get lucky. 

I don't bet much money at the casino. I bet on the roulette. A single number and corner. If the single/corner number comes up it pays 43-2. In that sense, if I get lucky, my little bit of luck pays 43 x £5 = £215. If that coincidence comes early in the evening it's a good day. I put the money in my pocket, or at least my stake, and conclude, with a smile: ''You won't be winning anything from me tonight.'' 

There was a bloke at the casino with his wife, playing roulette. She was standing by watching proceedings. He didn't look like he had two five pence to rub together. But as I have said, it doesn't pay to limit others. For all I know, he may have been the richest man in the room. The staff knew his name, so he was clearly a regular. 

''He was betting £300 a spin. He bet wide and far across the table with £5 chips. Plenty of stacks of chips on single numbers''

I like watching people bet. Why? Because I know about betting from a professional perspective. I never bet for fun on my speciality of two-year-old horse racing. I bet because like a professional stockbroker - it's business. Every gambler in life, unless it is illegal or insider trading of some kind, is the same. Don't be fooled into thinking one gamble is different from another. The only difference is the person and their understanding, knowledge, professionalism, insight...or lack of it. The best gambler, investor, call him what you may, wins. 

I bet at the casino for ''fun'' but even then I try to play with some logic. I don't even like saying I bet for ''fun'' even at the casino but it is one of the few exceptions to my rigid rules. Principles, guidelines, foundations to your gambling knowledge are the key to success. 

''I don't like losing'' 

I definitely don't bet to lose. I can take a small loss at the casino because I do class it slightly different being more sociable (still hate saying those words). Thankfully, I am winning. Truth.

But back to this bloke... 

He wasn't doing too well, then hit on a winning streak. Number nine was hot and he got lucky a good few times. After a couple of hours, he cashed his money to £100 chips and had probably four or five grand. 

Not bad. 

However, my question, thoughts, understanding, wasn't to do with the amount of money won.  

What went through my mind was: ''How do you view your gambling?'' 

He was clearly a regular at the casino. He mentioned the day before he won £10,000. Did he regard himself as a pro gambler? You know what I'm thinking, hey? Or you should do if you have any understanding of gambling. 

Fixed odds. It is the equivalent of betting at a table and the banker has horns sticking out of his head, a ruddy complexion, and the room feels rather warm. In fact, you just placed a bet against the devil himself. No f****** wonder he's smiling. 

Fix odds. How can you win long term? Infrequent bets. Perhaps. Cheating. You can win cheating. You need that in your armoury of skills (especially at the casino). 

''But the security is tighter than Uri Geller's underpants''

You won't get out the door with a bent spoon from the restaurant. 

Good luck to all gamblers. I love to see a winner. Only a loser wants to see someone lose! But if you bet too regular at the casino I would fear that one evening that devil will steal what once looked to be a burgeoning purse. 

When betting it pays to stop and consider whether your bet is based on skill. 

I mean you wouldn't want to play chess against a world champion unless you knew better or fancied you had the odds in your favour? Skill is an asset which you can use to win. Fixed odds like to wave their magic wand with the illusion that you can beat the book. It is the hardest, strongest, most confident, ruthless opponent, you will ever meet.   

Long term you will lose.

Thursday, 6 May 2021

My Casino Slot Story - Retro to Modern Age

Back in the day, I remember going on holiday to a small coastal seaside resort called Caister-on-sea, Norfolk, England. It was our family holiday and we couldn't have been happier. A time to enjoy all those pleasures which come with a vacation: sun, sea and a little bit of gambling. Considering I was about seven years olds it was an exciting time.

That's when I went into the arcade and saw this old retro Jenning's Indian Head slot machine. It stood tall on a pedestal, all chrome, lights shining in semi-darkness of what was a smoke-filled room. Remember, this was back in the 70s. Even then the old Jenning's was classed as a vintage machine (boardering on a collectors item). It was one of just a few sitting proudly against the newer models, which for most gamblers, attracted there attention. Just think how this dinosaur of the gambling age would compare with casino slot games such as Mystino slots in an online world. Within my generation, gambling on the slots has literally been transformed. 

From the old to the new. 

I didn't realise at the time I was playing a vintage slot machine that would later in life be worth several thousand pounds. I remember putting a 2p in the slot, pulling the handle (one armed bandit) which took all my strength. And this clunky machine kicked into action, the three reels spinning and one by one coming to a shuddering halt to reveal a win or a loss. 

I'm not sure if I won the jackpot, but I do recall seeing three cherries on the win line and the silver trough filled with lots of copper coins. 

Now in my 50s, I have considered buying one of these old retro slot machines. They are just as much a piece of artwork as a gambling devise, if not a good idea for a money box. It's funny, that as children my dad, who loved to gamble, bought my brother and I a slot machine for our Christmas present. It was a pretty old model from the 70s, not cloaked in chrome, although it was lots of fun. I loved that slot machine. 

It was the best present I ever received. 

How cool that your dad buys you a slot machine. Most parents would have been horrified by the thought of suggesting that children should (or could) gamble if they so wished.

Did it turn me into an addict? 


It just gave me a realistic idea of what gambling was all about and I rarely play slot machines these days but I have and do.

The greatest aspect of online gambling is that you can do it from your own home, laying in bed if you so wish, in your pjs munching on a BLT, and drinking from a can of beer. Either way, you can try your luck and hope to win some cash. 

It's good to think back to those wonder years of innocently gambling on a slot machine that was probably forty years old and I was just seven. 

A budding gambler if you have ever seen one. 

I look back on that time with fondness as it paved the way to a gambling world of true convenience. 

Which do you prefer: The old retro slot machine or the modern online world?

It's great to have the choice.

Photo: Pixabay free no attribution