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Hi, I'm Jason Coote and the founder of Sky Equine. I'm also a known as the most consistent professional gamblers in the country. Feel free to join our mailing list on this page at Professional Gamblers. The page features an amazing video you really don't want to miss. It inspires everyone.  

I run a number of websites, the majority all free, giving our readers true value. For instance, High-Class Equine has achieved over 1 Million page views, our sister site Horse Trainer Directory over 690,000, while Eric Winner is galloping past 482,000. In addition, I am a published author writing for media companies, horse racing magazines and even bookmaker websites.  

Let's take Sky Equine, it is made to give you specific information regarding our niche dedicated to two-year-old horse racing. For many, starring at a maiden race full of lightly-raced horses or debutantes can seem impossible to understand. With over 30-years experience it is surprising to a lot of punters and even leading authorities within racing that there are a number of ways to not only appreciate the best horses but identify when they are going to win.       

It works. 

Our website is top ranked on Google search engine for many keywords. 

So what's our unique selling point? 

We pride ourselves on giving readers extra and detailing information which isn't freely available. In fact, we are hell bent on producing a level of knowledge and insight that others even with this niche cannot get close to. We use inside information, trainer trends, a personal database which is astounding and use psychological research to find value bets that nobody has even mentioned let alone understands. All these aspects are added to a wealth of experience to give you an edge over layers.  

If you would like to know more about our work then please feel free to contact jason@skyequine.com

Thanks for visiting our website.   

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