Thursday 20 October 2016

Who is the Best Gambler in the World?

Just a couple of two-year-old races today. Nothing too inspiring. So what shall I do? Have a rest day. It can be tiring juggling racing and all these websites I run. I'm like a headless chicken.

Interesting question: Who is the best gambler in the world? 

In many ways, it is a stupid question as we are unlikely to know the existence of this person. I have this thought of a man dressed as a woman living somewhere in Sheffield and to distract normal folk from appreciating any discernable facts, they pull a rocking horse behind them by a length of orange, plastic rope and sitting in the saddle is a replica of Bagpus. 

I never said it made any sense but I do know of one pro gambler who actually wears a disguise and a regular at Yarmouth racecourse. So keep a look out. 

In always it makes me smile when a stockbroker is seen as something amazing and someone who bets on the horses is a mug punter. Yeah....right. Most people can see no further than the end of their rather short nose. In fact, I don't think some people even have a nose by the way they lack logic or objectivity.I know I'm not perfect. I say too much on websites when I'm in a contemplative mood. Please, don't take my words to heart. In truth, as you know, I do my best for our readers and ask nothing in return. 

Gambling. Who are these people? Let's consider something as an analogy. Chickens. They flap their wings, lay eggs, peck things and strut their stuff. However, one chicken doesn't count for every chicken, hey. This will fascinate you! The American Poultry Asociation recognises 65 different breeds of chicken. How many different forms of gambling? Probably more than chickens. And then all those gamblers who have their own niche. That could equate to millions of variants. 


They say you should never sell the goose which lays the golden egg. I'm sure that goes for chickens and especially for gamblers selling their information. Luckily for me, I can detail my knowledge in the form of racing tips and you are very unlikely to appreciate how I do this. That's good news for me. It's my goose which lays the golden eggs and while I may sell the eggs my goose is mine to keep.

I do ramble on. Pointless rambling, perhaps. (Don't say yes.) I've helped you make some money. Well, if you have been listening closely you will know by now that I am not your average racing tipster.  

I class myself as a very good gambler. Yes, I know I'm modest, too. I am confident in my ability to forward information at a consistent level which is a rarity these days. Many of our readers have signed up to our mailing list at Professional Gamblers.If you haven't visited this website then you are missing out on the best motivational video on planet Earth. Also, it will mean you can hear about all the stuff which, basically, makes your gambling pay. 

If you don't want to be bothering with all that just visit regular racing tips which have been selected to perform like a demon.