Wednesday 29 March 2017

Wednesday's Child is Full of...


The Flat turf season is closing fast. Like a horse champing at the bit. Trainers have been working their two-year-olds on the gallops. Leading handlers, rookies, wealthy owners, syndicates...race fans waiting for that crash of stalls. The Turf season begins...

As readers may be aware...there is a lull before the storm. This is a time for change. The words will still be written but our prose may not be so enlightened. For a long time, we have detailed our immense knowledge. An understanding of two-year-old racing that in my opinion is second to none. If you know better then feel welcome to introduce yourself. Becoming an expert means that you appreciate your understanding has great value. You scratch my back I'll scratch yours. 

I enjoy helping others succeed. To help people learn. What I don't enjoy are people who take without appreciation. We can all take. It is so very easy but unfulfilling, hollow and meaningless. In giving we receive. That giving is forwarded to be reciprocated. Without that what is the point? 

I can keep my information to myself. 

In my opinion, too many people take. Those words will only hurt people who take. Not only do they take, they seemingly feel as though they are doing me a favour by giving a moment of their time when others, myself, have given a thousand times more. 

In truth, I need no one. When the door is shut it is those beyond who lack, want, need. If I was a reader of this blog, information, I would stop for a moment and reflect upon the time it has taken to detail this expertise. 

Have you ever considered that point?

In the future I will be the same good person, helping, building, providing information to others. The difference is that it will be less. 

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