Monday 24 April 2017

Betting on Favourites

I've come out of hibernation. Only joking, of course. I never have time for sleep! My mother often says she is too busy to eat. A strange comment because it's one thing we all make time for. Hopefully, when we do stop - there is some food to eat. 

When you consider the life that so many live we don't know how good we have it. The poorest of poor here are the richest somewhere else. 

What am I rambling about? I guess most things are about context and circumstance. Betting is very much about those two of many factors. 

I had a bet today. 

2:10 Kempton 

I rarely talk about my personal bets or how much I bet. It's a mystery akin to how Willy Wonka used to make his chocolate bars until someone saw this little orange-faced bloke placing a bet in Ladbrokes. 

It's an interesting subject. People enjoy reading about others gambling pursuits. I don't bet much. You could say I am a very selective. Why? If you are correct when you bet you don't really need to bet lots. Also, it is very much down to your approach and how that works for you as an individual. As I have said before, only a fool limits others. In that I mean if someone is making money from their gambling who on earth am I to imagine they are not. Good luck to them. The chances are they have worked harder than the bloke down the road doing his 9 - 5 to earn his crust. 

Think of an industry. Someone is making a fortune while another is losing one. Don't be stupid and imagine betting on the horses is different from being a stockbroker. It's a gamble based on skill. You tell someone you are a stockbroker. ''Oh wow''. You tell someone you bet on the horses. ''Oh dear''. 

The difference isn't really the subject matter it is the brain of the person betting and the person perceiving the gamble. We are talking stereotypes. Or could be but I don't really care for all this stuff. If someone cannot see the truth of the matter, whatever that matter may be, they may need to question how they think and why they think that way.

Introspection is a very difficult to undertake. In fact, psychiatrists have to undertake this over a good period of time before being allowed to tell someone to lay on a couch and chat about their parents. I still don't understand my fondness to paint my face orange at the weekends.    


Is it more interesting reading about it before or after the race? I guess the greedy people who love chocolate would say both. 

I had a small win and place bet on Autumn Lodge. I was hoping to beat the favourite. With a non-runner, it was just 2 placed for each-way purposes. However, I noticed the exchanges have 3 places and Autumn Lodge was 1.5 (1/2) for a place. I thought this horse was highly likely to be placed so I had a small bet with the emphasis on placing the potential return on the win market which got to about 14/1 on Betfair.   

Basically, I'm thinking if Autumn Lodge is placed I can't lose and if by some strange circumstance the favourite disappoints I'm looking at a very good day. 

The favourite won very easily. Must be a better horse than I thought. Not that I was really bothered about the favourite. It was more that I was pretty sure Autumn Lodge would be in the first three and then ''like an episode from Lucky Man'' wait for a shoe to ping off the favourite's hoof and... 

 I always feel lucky. 

Autumn Lodge finished second. No win. No loss. 

Can't complain.