Monday 12 February 2018

Horse racing betting tips

You hate sports betting. 


Whether a newbie, traditionalist or still making up your mind, don't make the mistake of neglecting Racing Tips because winners are waiting to be found.

I favour horse racing over other sports. 

In fact, it has been 30-years since I discovered two-year-old horse racing. Admittedly, it felt alien at first. Then I realised something amazing. 

I could win!

It's surprising what I have learned over three decades. To be a successful gambler isn't about being the best. The key to making your betting pay is simply knowing a little more than most. 

Many punters hate two-year-old horse racing.  

They say: 

''How can you pick a winner from a field of debutantes?''

It's like looking at a blank page. 

They are wrong.

When I look at a field of two-year-old horses making their racecourse debut, it isn't from a perspective of lack.  

These 5 strategies will allow you to unlock two-year-old winners. 

1) Know Your Horse Trainers

Guess what? The majority of horse trainers struggle to win with any horse let alone two-year-olds. Name a trainer who can make good money? Hugo Palmer. 

This trainer has plenty of fancied two-year-old debutantes. They often start short odds and win. Here's an angle to win big. Take note of Palmer's two-year-olds on their second start. Especially, those that went unfancied on debut and then backed second time out. It's a sign they are expected to win.

2) Group Entries

What are Group entries (often known as pattern race entries)? You've heard about high-profile races such as the Gimcrack Stakes (Group 2). This is just one race of many races which have early declaration stages. What makes this information so helpful is that trainers are forced to show their hand by detailing the best two-year-olds in their stables. Keep a note of these horses (especially smaller trainers) because you can guarantee it will reveal classy winners.

3) Trainers Who Win at Big Odds

Most trainers with large strings of horses struggle to win at huge odds. It makes sense, because they are in the public eye and very little gets past the faces who are one step ahead. That doesn't mean you cannot find trainers who not only give a run for your money. One trainer stands out. 


Michael Dods. 

This excellent handler is no stranger to talented two-year-olds. Strangely, they often win at huge odds. Even more so when when racing on testing ground. These big-priced debutantes have excellent win and place claims. I've seen a number of huge price winners. I've seen a number win at 20-1+ while a fair percentage hit the frame.

4) Horses Dropped in Class

If it looks too good to be true. Many two-year-olds start the season with verve. They look near certain to win. However, after a string of placed efforts, they are dropped into Selling class to pick up an easy win. 

They are bad news. 

After a number of hard races two-year-olds regress. A consequence of this is that the trainer drops the horse in class. If starting favourite, look elsewhere to find the winner.

5) Stable Form

I know a few experts suggest there is no such thing as a stable out of form.  I disagree. If a stable is struggling to find winners I would leave them alone until their fortunes change.