Thursday 24 January 2019

Making Your Betting Pay: How Scarce is Your Winning Information?

It may seem a quiet time for blog updates. However, you couldn't further form the truth. It would be nice to sit with my feet up and just wait for the new season to arrive wrapped up in a bow. 

I can imagine a lot of readers think my life is one of luxury and bundles of cash. It's all relative, hey. I feel very lucky to live a life of my choice and 'working' in a professional which I enjoy. It has taken a long time to get to this point of being able to make horse racing my business. I run a number of websites [like this one] and betting. In the future, I will be selling more products. But that depends on how these next few seasons go. The problem with selling winning information is that it needs to cost a lot of money to make me want to divulge. If I can make you money, how much is that knowledge worth? When you consider banks don't even give away a per cent or two for vast sums of money when someone can make you money - they need to be paid well. 

I don't work cheap because I don't need to. To be fair, anything of true worth is worth good money. People don't respect something that is cheap. True, primary information, is literally worth its weight in gold. 

I have paid $800 dollar for a course on blogging. I've paid £250 for a piece of horse racing information that I never used. I paid the price because I respect that good information costs real wonga because it gives a return. 

 Anyway, I'm waffling as usual. 

I have been very busy - still - working on my horse trainer statistics. I'm sure there is software out there which makes life easier but I kind of like to work hands on so I can see the trainer, horses, season, winners, losers, and work out what the hell is going on. I'm not going to give any info here and now but I can tell you researching data is worth the time and effort. 

I studied Michael Dods the other day. Well, it must have taken a few days in all. He is a very interesting trainer simply because he can win with horses at big odds. It is like following a seam of gold. Find the answer to a question and you can find information that fills your pockets with cash. Sounds good, hey? Anyway, I have just about concluded my research for this one of many trainers. I don't like to think about all the trainers yet to come but they will be completed one after another.

The information is just one part of the jigsaw puzzle which helps find winners. It is about looking in the right direction. To polish the stone of knowledge until it gleams with diamond-like qualities.  

A lucky few people will be able to share the best of my information this season. It will be an exciting journey that many will wish they could follow. Perhaps that will happen in the future. It will be a product that will need substantial investment. In hard times the price of gold goes up. The opportunities to join us will be similarly scarce. 

Good luck to all.