Monday 17 June 2019

What's The Best Betting Strategy?

I'm sure many people would say: ''Keep your money in your pocket!''

At times, that is definitely the best approach. 

It does worry me with so many bookmakers advertising on the TV where it will lead to some new gamblers. Even something a basic as bingo can be a disaster waiting to happen to some poor soul. It is a worry for people in relationships. Do you know what your other half is doing behind your back? 

Are they gambling to a point they are getting themselves (you or your family) in debt? The sad fact of the matter is that you may only find out when the problem is out of control. When you know what hits the fan. 

Gambling may seem a little bit of fun. However, it is far from an innocent endeavour. You may be reading this and thinking ''who cares'' ''that's their problem'' ''they should know better''.

Sadly, many new gamblers don't know better. They let the betting bug get its grip on them and for some people they struggle to stop. 

If you are betting, take a moment to consider what you are doing. What are the consequences? No one should just waste money for ''fun''. Think about what you can do with the money. Save it up and go on holiday. Go out for a nice meal. Do anything but don't waste money in the name of fun. 

If you don't work hard at gambling and rely on luck, you will lose. You may get lucky on the lottery and win a million pounds. But the chances are you have more chance of flying to the moon. 

So when betting, take a moment to question why you need to bet. 

I know it sounds a bit Mills And Boon but keep a little diary o follow your wins and losses. Then read your words with fresh eyes a month or two later. It will reveal the truth. We should appreciate the truth. 

It may say: the best betting strategy is to stop.