Tuesday 23 July 2019

Betting While Sitting on the Sofa in West Palm Beach

In many ways my life is good. 

I guess that is a statement many people could say. I guess it is a statement many people wish they could say. 

It is all too easy to take what we have for granted. Sitting here on the sofa in West Palm Beach, Florida. A few days ago spending three days in a lovely hotel in Key Largo, a wonderful view from room 2410 at Ocean Pointe. Overlooking the sea, the sound of birds, and watching people fish for tarpon. Our room called the Tarpon Suite. A memorable place made all the more special to be with my beautiful Marlene and family. 

From there we had a day at Key West. The drive from Key Largo to Key West memorable for the long bridges which spanned the sea. A place memorable for being the home of Ernest Hemmingway, Robert Frost and Tennessee Williams. The sight of frigate birds flying high in a blue sky, waiting to catch a fish chased by a bottle-nosed dolphin. 

It's a very artistic, bohemian and tolerant place. 

We parked the car behind CVS. The parking attendant, who wasn't very attentive, was in his late 70s (if not older). He had long grey hair, bleached a sandy blonde and beard to match. I couldn't help thinking he must have been a surfer back in the 1950s because he had a kind of windswept look. He seemed a little spaced out. Probably exhausted from the sun and paid a pittance to do a job which bar needing the cash no one really wants to do. He lived in one of the most beautiful parts of the world but, by his attire, a week away from being homeless if not living on the streets. 

Back to West Palm Beach. It always seems hot in Florida. A beautiful view from the house overlooking palm trees and a little birdbath I purchased for the ground doves, blue jays and cardinals. 

I have been working from home. Luckily I don't have to do the 9 - 5 because I run these websites and bet to keep my head just above the waterline. I don't want to be swallowed by a flying fish.

It is too easy to not appreciate how good life is at times. To not thank those who are part of your life. To be reflective of the people who are no longer here but always in your heart.

I wish my Dad was here to be part of my day. We could sit on the sofa together and bet on the couch which was made for two. 

God bless.