Wednesday 21 July 2021

A Simple Technique to Win at the Casino

Let's face it, since Coronavirus reared its ugly head, life has changed. For starters those who like to visit their brick-and-mortar casino don't know whether they are coming or going. I don't know about you, but I really need to fly to some exotic destination, lay on the beach, and rest. Just forget about the madness. In fact, I'm so bored, my clock has 25 hours, and an extra hand with two fingers sticking up. 
I'm going to watch that classic Martin Scorsese film Casino (1995), starring Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci et al. Should put me in a better frame of mind.

With lockdown trapping punters at home - you can't even get out of the house. Fire up your trusty laptop as it's a portal to a world of opportunities. Whether you have a laptop, tablet, phone or whatever you have to transverse the net. To get away from the boredom of solitary confinement make your day a little more tolerable with a little bit of a gamble. Nothing better than a Simple Casino game to pass the time.

I'm sure many of you will be thinking that's not the best idea, well you may need to think again.     

But here's a question: How do you win at the casino?

Each and every game under the casino banner has fixed odds. If you don't know what this means. It means the house edge prices each and every game slightly less than its true odds. The casino needs to make money else it won't be there. 

That doesn't mean you cannot win when gambling at the casino. 

For example, the best kept secret to winning at roulette is to play for an hour and then stop.

You may wonder what is so important about time. However, there is a very good reason. The longer you play the more money you will lose. 

The only way you will win is by getting lucky and when you are a few quid up you should put the money in your pocket and play Kenny Roger's classic song The Gambler. 

In fact, the last 10 times I've played roulette I've actually won money with this approach. Fair enough, the last time saw a loss of £30 but I'm up a couple of hundred. 

As they say, you should bet what you can afford to lose. Or bet big if you want to win more dosh. 

I must admit, I'm a hardcore roulette player. I simply stick to what are called ''hot numbers'' and stick with them like glue. There's no logic to it but it seems to find winning numbers. Also, I always bets on the same single number until hell freezes over or I lose my little bit of cash. I never, ever, bet more than £50 a time. Basically, if you are going to be lucky, make sure it is a single number at 35/1. Much better than even money black or red. Well, unless, you are betting big and hope beyond hope you win. Walk away. You've seen these people on YouTube who bet every last pound of their savings on black or red. And either cheer like a winner or disappear into the sunset to a life of not-as-good fortune. 

Bet what you can afford to lose.   

I'm not keen on three-card poker. 

Scared of playing blackjack. 

Don't ask me why. 

Some people have a phobia of spiders...

Anyway, if you want to pass the time, have a bit of fun, relaxation, and little bit of a gamble. 

It might be your lucky day.

Photo: Pixabay free no attribution