Monday 10 April 2017

Busy Bee...

Sorry for being quiet these last few days. It has been a very busy time, especially working with a number of media companies and webmasters regarding the Grand National. I wrote so many articles that I would be happy to make it my chosen subject on Mastermind. The old winner, the biggest priced and how many greys proved victorious all come to mind. 

The major aspect of interest to me is that it put a decent wedge in my bank account. 

I'm not sure of the work most readers do but this is my bread and butter, the gambling being extra revenue, which comes from years of experience and a lot of hard work. 

I am looking to sell more and more products because it makes sense. It is all good and well giving things away, which I have done for years because I am a generous person, but if you're a plumber, do you fancy coming round this Saturday to unblock my drains and I won't be paying but I'll thank you kindly. 

It's like finding your bitcoin is made of lead and someone is holding a bunsen burner a shade too close. 

I know I keep waffling on about the subject but if people can't appreciate what I'm saying well I'll just do my own thing and be happy with my lot.

I have been too busy in ways. I have been working on a new website called Group Horse Daily which is detailed here on this promotional page. Those who have subscribed to our tipping service don't need to join this but it is a less expensive format for many readers. 

With regard to the two-year-old racing, there have been just over a handful of Stakes races. I will be reviewing them this evening and keeping up to speed. 

There has been a number of distractions of late which isn't ideal in ways but, as you an imagine, I have to juggle a number of things from analysis, promotion, betting, updating websites and writing enough articles to fill a postman's bag. 

Anyway, I am still here alive and progressing in a productive, professional manner. 

Thanks to all those who support us.