Wednesday 7 November 2018

The Value of Riding Lessons for Young Children

Most young children that learn to play soccer, never become professional soccer players, but grow to love the sport. The same can be said for most children that learn to ride, never become professional equestrians but develop a love and respect for horses. There’s a huge value in introducing young kids, ages ten and over, to horses. Whether you select English or Western the positive impacts can be the same. Children will learn more than just how to ride a horse. Basic principles of respect, personal responsibility and care for very large animals are the products of a sound training program. Take these recommendations from the equestrian experts when introducing your child to the world of horses.

The first step is to find a reputable program at an established barn.  A friend who owns a horse or two might not have the necessary skills to teach young riders the fundamentals of riding and equine care.  Safety and respect are paramount in the ring and stables.  Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon Coupons and invest in proper riding boots and a quality riding helmet from Tractor Supply. Many barns will require that students have these items prior to enrolling in a program.  The process for beginning riders involves substantial time in the stables prior to entering the ring for actual riding.  The care and feeding of horses must first be learning.Tack procedures and safety regulations will all be thoroughly instruction prior to riding.

Once your child enters the ring, he or she will most likely be on a tethered horse for their own safety. Horses are incredibly sensitive animals. Any jerking motions or mixed signals can easily spook them. If your child does not have the maturity to understand this sensitivity, or desire to learn, they may be asked to discontinue the program.  Developing equestrian skills is a slow and methodical process. That said, the time children spend at the barn helping, cleaning and grooming the horses is a period of huge growth. Cherish this time as they learn the fundamentals of horsemanship.