Monday 27 May 2019

Your 2YO Guide to Royal Ascot 2019

Royal Ascot isn't a million miles away. 

In fact, it is on the horizon - from the 18th - 23rd June. It really is a clash of pomp and ceremony and high-end thoroughbred horse racing. 

Being interested in two-year-old horse racing, I won't be talking about anything other than the juvenile races. It is difficult, at the time of writing, which horses will be heading for which two-year-old races but I will detail a few life talents that could well take some beating. 

2019 Two-year-old (2yo) Royal Ascot 

Tuesday 18th June - Coventry Stakes Group 2 (Time: 3:05) PM (6F) 

Wednesday 19th June - Queen Mary Stakes Group 2 (2:30 PM) (5F) 

Wednesday 19th June - Windsor Castle Listed Race  (Time: 5:35 PM) (5F)

Thursday 20th June - Norfolk Stakes Group 2 (Time: 2:30 PM) (5F)  

Friday 21st June - Albany Stakes Group 3 (Time: 2:30 PM) (6F)  

Saturday 22nd - Chesham Stakes Listed Race (Time: 2:30 PM) (7F)

So we have six two-year-old races at Royal Ascot. 

Let's take a look at a few high-performing two-year-olds who have proven winners this season and could well make their presence felt come June. 

To be updated...