Monday 20 May 2019

In-depth Look at Samcro's Winning Chances at Cheltenham's Novice Hurdle

The Cheltenham Festival is one of the biggest horseracing events this year, and it’s just a few months away. Now, one of the top candidates to dominate the scene is Samcro, an Irish horse that’s hopeful to ace the biggest race of his career.

The recently-held Deloitte Novice Hurdle proved to be a massive success for Samcro after smoothly acing all six victories. This comes as a surprise knowing that the gelding is still six-years-old.

In fact, he even has two more hurdle wins this year, proving that he's all set for the big event this March. If all goes well, then it'll be his first race as a Grade One level racer. But that doesn’t mean that he’s assured victory. It’s because Samcro’s more used to making much shorter trips. Cheltenham is known to have a long race track, making eventual exhaustion likely.

Meanwhile, the horse’s trainer says that Samcro’s in great shape and it makes him very happy that the gelding managed to pull of the previous races with style. He even adds that Shane McCann gets to ride the favorite every day, checking out if it’s in max health and condition.

Indeed, Samcro’s getting a lot of attention and special care, especially that he’s the best chance for victory for his team. As of now, Samcro is the top favorite for Cheltenham’s Supreme Novices Hurdle as he gets a comfortable 6/4 odds edge.

This comes to no surprise as he’s been the top gun on previous race odds as well. He also managed to pull off all his wins with style, letting his opponents trail him with a considerable gap. Meanwhile, Getabird takes the second spot with strong 2/1 odds.

As of now, there’s still no assurance that gelding can overtake the favorite. But one thing’s for sure and that Mullins trained this one right. Trailing the top two horses are If the Cap Fits and Apples Shakira who both have 6/1 odds.

It’s still unclear who’s better between the two, but it seems like Apples Shakira gets the better hand this time knowing that this bay filly is younger and has fresher legs. Nonetheless, no forecast can still assure the one who gets the upper hand.

Then there’s Next Destination trailing with 8/1 odds, followed by Mengli and Laurina who both have 10/1 odds. Duc des Genieveres and Salsaretta also are tied with 12/1 odds.

With these being said, there's no doubt that this year's Cheltenham Festival will be an exciting event to witness. Not only because the world's top horses are going to compete with each other, but because it’s going to be a close game for all participants.

Nonetheless, it would make sense for you first to check out more information. To know what to expect, click here for Cheltenham 2018 page. This gives you a lot of ways to increase your likelihood of winning, in case you’d like to bet. Let’s just hope that the horses will remain fit and healthy before the big day arrives. They most likely will.