Thursday 23 September 2021

When You Run Out Of Luck

What is luck? 


Success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one's own actions.

Synonyms:  good fortune, good luck, success, successfulness, prosperity, advantage, advantageousness, felicity (I thought that was a woman's name!!!!) [Luck, B****]

Here's a few more if you're feeling inspired by the word: a stroke of luck; informal fluke, a lucky break "with luck you'll be in Marseilles tomorrow night"

We've all heard the quote: ''The harder I work the luckier I get.'' To be fair, that's being clever rather than lucky. It's like having a joke at someone who just relies on luck. 

Luck. It rhymes with another word beginning with the letter F. That's what most punters say when they rely on luck because it is akin to putting your faith in the Witched Witch of the West if you're hoping to swap those ruby slipper. She's more likely to smoke your broomstick than fill your pockets with cash or four-leaf clover. 

I know most people say to win at gambling it is all about skill. Yes, I know most people have not one ounce of skill [take my word for it] and rely 100% on luck. In that sense, they do get lucky on occasions. Have you found that alongside luck putting pound signs in front of your eyes it also has the affect of amnesia, because those lucky bleeders sure do forget their losers?  

Good luck to you. 

Anyway, luck does play a part in every aspect of life and gambling. 

I would rather be lucky with a bet to win £10,000 than one to win a fiver. And it can certainly happen both ways. 

Lady Luck. Who is she? I wrote a post musing over this subject: When Lady Luck Catches Your Eye.

Just imagine if you could buy a bottle of luck. It would be like Henry Cooper with a dab of Brut behind each ear. Even Henry could have done with a touch of luck when fighting Cassius Clay [Muhammad Ali] in London, 1963. The Enry's Ammer making the man himself (Clay) see stars. Unfortunate timing at the end of the round and Angelo Dundee stating years later than he made a tear in the glove, gaining four or five seconds of luck while he changed the pair. Cooper, always a gentleman said it didn't make any difference to the fight. I don't think we would have been calling it luck in this day and age, more like a scandal and unsporting behaviour. As they say, all is fair in love and war.  

Gamblers don't rely on luck to win long term but lady luck or the luck of the devil does come into play short term. 

Sometimes, we all need a touch of luck.